Through Love's Trials

Attorney Kenneth King can't wait to get away on vacation and leave the courtroom behind. He only has one last errand to do for his boss―drop off a flash drive to fellow attorney Emma James. But as soon as the drive is in his hands, his boss is murdered and Kenneth becomes the next target. With nowhere left to turn, he reaches out to Emma for help―but that only puts them both in danger.

Emma James just wants to settle into her new job and provide a good life for her little girl. That is all threatened when she gets a flash drive with information on it that points to an imminent terrorist attack on U.S. soil. With her choices dwindling and her vulnerabilities made crystal clear, Emma is pushed to the limit by those who want her dead and the rest of the country to suffer. How far will she be forced to go to save the lives of everyone around her, including those she loves?

Kenneth and Emma have to find a way to work together to stop the terrorists, but it's the most difficult trial of their lives―and the verdict will be life or death.

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Select Reviews of Through Love's Trials

Through Love’s Trials is a great read. The romance is tender, the adventure exciting—I highly recommend this story! I can’t wait to see what Julie writes next!”
—Rachel Ann Nunes, author of the Ariana series

“Local writer’s work sees second printing --Author Julie Bellon, first introduced her book, “Through Love’s Trials” in the fiction market this June. Currently in it’s second printing, its Pleasant Grove setting will take local readers on a familiar journey into several well-known landmarks. Readers may also recognize a few familiar people like the mayor, city administrator and several other city workers.”

“I read Julie Coulter Bellon’s Through Love’s Trials and absolutely loved it. I loved the characters and the story, and I particularly loved her writing. Truly, it has romance, mystery, intrigue, a message, and it’s all couched in lovely prose. What more is there to ask of one small book? I can’t wait for the next to come out.”
—Kerry Blair, author

“If you liked On the Edge, I think you will also like her first novel, Through Love’s Trials. It is also a mystery/romance. It is also fast paced and keeps you thinking. It takes you from Phoenix, to Utah, to Idaho and to Jackson Hole. It also gives you a brief look at Alberta. I think it lets you see how some companies in the US are owned by foreign people. It gave you a look into Drug Lords and their desire to take over the world. Try it when you can.”
- Diane, a Reader

Former Resident Tackles U.S./Canada Relations in New Book
Temple City Star, July 28,2004

One of the fiction world’s newest and brightest lights has come out with a compelling new novel. Julie Coulter Bellon, a Lethbridge native who lived in Cardston in her younger years, has written Through Love’s Trials.

The novel relies heavily on her Canadian roots and uses characters that truly reflect Canadian values. She includes a main character who is a Canadian Security Intelligence Service agent trying to stop a terrorist attack on Unites States soil.

“I wanted to show that Canadians are involved, intelligent people who are the United States’ greatest ally,” said Bellon. “But above all I wanted to show that it doesn’t matter what nationality you are–love transcends everything.”

The novel combines adventure with a tender love story set partly in Alberta. Well-known author Rachel Nunes has endorsed the book, calling it “a great read.”

Meridian Magazine Fiction Christmas List 2004

Bellon is a first time author, and Through Love’s Trials (features) an unexpected request to deliver a computer disk to a co-worker’s ex-wife leads Kenneth King from Arizona to Utah with a quick side trip to Alberta, Canada. Mixed in with a pair of cautious lovers is plenty of unexpected danger. The involvement of the Canadian Secret Service adds a different twist… (Jennie Hansen, Meridian Magazine)