Dangerous Connections

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Having just finished a tour of duty in Iraq, Dr. Tyler Winthrop is ready to join his father, Craig, for a little downtime in Paris. But when Craig disappears, Tyler is yanked back into the brutal realm of danger and the unknown, and his fate quickly becomes entwined with attractive French counterintelligence agent Isabella Floret as he looks for his missing father.

Risk escalates and trust dwindles as the pair uncovers ties between Tyler's father's disappearance and a terrorist plot that could take the war on terror in unthinkable new directions. As lines separating enemy and ally increasingly blur, Tyler and Isabella are sent on a pulse-pounding race through Paris while the security of nations hangs in the balance — and dangerous connections are the only aid to be found.

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Selected Reviews of Dangerous Connections

Review by Jennie Hansen at Meridian Magazine


Dangerous Connections by Julie Coulter Bellon will keep the reader turning pages as fast as he or she can devour each page. This is a story of international intrigue set in Paris, France, that is as current as tomorrow’s headlines.

Dr. Tyler Winthrop is on his way to meet his father in Paris for some R & R following an intensive tour of duty in Iraq. Instead of a quiet, restful flight, he’s called into action to deliver a baby that decided to arrive prematurely. When he finally arrives at his hotel, there’s no sign of his father and he discovers that for some unknown reason he is being followed. His path soon crosses that of an undercover French female agent and her severely wounded brother. Between rendering aid to the injured man and his search for his father, he becomes drawn into a desperate effort to prevent a horrific terrorist attack and to evade capture by the terrorists.

Bellon’s ability to add realistic foreign settings and backgrounds to her novels gives them an extra allure and adds an edge to the intrigue. Dangerous Connections is no exception and the French details are particularly well done, including the political differences in English, US, and French approaches to intelligence gathering and the war on terror. I wasn’t even aware France had an Intelligence Organization, though it is only logical that they should, given that every other country does, and it was fun to learn a little bit about it.

I liked Dr. Winthrop very much and enjoyed his characterization, but I had a little trouble with Isabel Floret, the French agent, who seemed much too impulsive and reckless for someone in her position. The secondary characters were interesting, especially the English agent, who is a delightfully complex character. The plot moves quickly, is filled with high level action, and like a good suspense novel should, keeps the reader enthralled from start to finish. Action novel fans, men, women, and teens, will enjoy this one.

Review of Dangerous Connections by Heather Moore


It isn’t often I read a book that reminds me of why I’m a bookworm. Dangerous Connections is exactly that type of book. To be transported into another place and to meet characters who are involved in a life that you can only guess out, is the perfect remedy for an average person like me (about the most daring thing I’ve done is drive from California to Utah with a nursing baby).

Bellon has a way of writing an international thriller that is straight-forward, yet exciting at the same time. Dr. Tyler Winthrop, war veteran from Iraq, goes to Paris on vacation to meet his father. From the moment he arrives, he’s thrown into a web of danger. His father is missing and in his place is a strange note telling him to return immediately to America. Tyler takes a gamble and remains in Paris, trying to contact anyone his father might have known. When he finally tracks down an acquaintance, Tyler discovers that his father’s disappearance is linked to an intricate terrorist plot that threatens to kill thousands of innocent soldiers who are fighting the war on terror.

About half-way through the book, I flipped to the acknowledgments and discovered that Bellon had spent time in France researching the novel. I was impressed with the accuracy of descriptions and the subtle blend of French culture into the characters.

Dangerous Connections is a great escape and will have you guessing the outcome until the final chapters. The characters are well-defined with excellent depth, from the main characters of Tyler and Isabella to even the most minor character. TrĂ©s bon Madame Bellon!

Dangerous Connections Review by Keith Fisher


When I saw the cover, I knew I wanted to read this book by Julie Coulter Bellon. The Bio hazard symbol, gives you an idea of the plot, but Bellon weaves a tale of intrigue into the story that literally prods the reader to turn the pages.

As a writer, I read many books, a few of those I can’t put down. This is one of those books. As a critique group member, I’ve learned to read with a critical eye, and I admit, I found a few places that I would put red marks. However, the story carries the reader past those marks, because you need to find out what happens next.

Bellon, wrote an intriguing first chapter. Okay, I’m going to give you a spoiler alert here, because I need to talk about the story a little. A doctor, who’s been serving in Iraq, is on a plane coming into Paris and a woman is about to have a baby. Julie wrote that scenario in a way only a woman who’s had a baby could write it. I felt that I was there coaching her. The intriguing clues and red herrings start then and continually increase throughout the tale.

Of course there is an inevitable love story, and Bellon builds the relationship gradually more like real life. She created a strong female protagonist with a male sidekick/love interest who is subservient to her. Several times, I wanted him to stop asking her what they were going to do next, but it works.

If I were to give stars, bullet points, or whatever, I would give it a good rating. I recommend this book to everyone. It’s a great example of mystery/suspense, and women’s fiction. The story will keep you turning pages, as the plot unfolds. Thank You, Julie, for letting me read your book.