On The Edge

Dylan Campbell, a CSIS officer, has been undercover hundreds of times before and is ready to get out of the game. But before he can tell his bosses at the Canadian spy agency, he discovers a terrorist plot that could take him---and millions of others---out permanently. Getting the information up the chain of command proves complicated, though, when Dylan's cover is blown and he's captured and thrown in an African prison. Will he be the first test subject for the new and deadly virus about to be unleashed on the world?

American CIA officer Elizabeth Spencer is undercover for one reason---to find the virus being weaponized at a private hospital in Africa. When she meets Dylan, a Canadian photojournalist, she uses him to strengthen her story that she's only there to help. But the more she works with Dylan, the more the lines between professional and personal get blurred. She knows better than to get involved with someone while on assignment and the reason for that rule hits home when the terrorists' move up their timetable and Dylan is put in grave danger. Can she stand by and watch him die?

With everything on the line, Dylan and Elizabeth have one chance to stop the terrorist attack before it reaches North America---but they have to make it to Greece. Can they break Dylan out of prison and stay alive long enough to prevent the release of the virus? Or will one or the other be called upon to offer the ultimate sacrifice?

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Select Reviews of On the Edge

“I rarely have time to indulge in my love for reading a novel – not for research – just for the pure pleasure of it.  But during the Christmas holidays I was able to read On the Edge and was so impressed. The plot is well thought out, the characters are believable and the information about Uganda was interesting. The pace was fast enough for me (a lot of good books aren’t quite) and it kept me guessing (as a ‘tricker’ myself I’m hard to fool). The book was beautifully written and edited (I didn’t notice a single typo). I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good mystery.”

Betsy Brannon Green Romantic Mystery Author

“I am addicted! I finished your book, On the Edge, this morning before getting out of bed! It was sooooo good! You are such a talented writer. I loved the international setting and feel of your book. You captured places I have never been with such detail I felt like I was there. Have a fun week, and please write as much as you can because I am a huge fan now!”
- Sarah Isaacson

“From the first paragraph, I was hooked on a tale of two intelligence officers, one a CIA agent from the United States and the other, a Canadian Security Intelligence Service agent, pursuing the same terrorist leader without either knowing the other’s true reason for being in the third world nation of Uganda . . . On the Edge is a quick but satisfying read. The characters, especially Dylan, are well-developed and the minor native characters are fleshed out enough to allow readers to sympathize with them . . . With this second novel, Julie Coulter Bellon has established herself as an author worth watching for.”
—Jennie Hansen, Meridian Magazine
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“Mystery and suspense adventures are currently the most popular form of LDS fiction. Most include some of the elements of romance, though the focus is on the adventure. The mystery and suspense readers on anyone’s shopping list are going to be pleased with any of this year’s bumper crop. Standoff by Jeff Downs, No Way Out by Christine Kersey, Mirror Image by Clair M. Poulson, On the Edge by Julie Coulter Bellon… 
- Jennie Hansen of Meridian Magazine.

Reader Comments

“Just wanted to let you know I finished On the Edge. All I can say is WOW! Julie is a writer who keeps you on your toes all the time. I really enjoyed this book and look forward the next one coming out!” (C. Nattress, SLC, UT)