Time Will Tell

Undercover operative Jason Wright and his partner Kamal were left for dead in Iran¾casualties of a war on terror.  But Jason survived and he’s out for revenge. He’s selling his country’s secrets to the highest bidder and he doesn’t care who gets it¾as long as he gets paid and Kamal’s death is avenged. 

Andrew Blythe, a Canadian CSIS agent, races against time to stop the information exchange, knowing that a dangerous terrorist organization will use it to gain control of the Baku oil leases in the Caspian Sea. With those leases, they will be able to finance a weapon of mass destruction¾and kill thousands of innocent people. 

But things don’t go as planned and Andrew finds himself wounded and on the run, unsure of who to trust.  Desperate, he takes Ashton Carlson’s car, and pulls her into the web of espionage that is tightening like a noose around him.  Forced to keep her with him for safety’s sake, Andrew isn’t prepared for the feelings she stirs in him.  But with danger around every turn, Andrew knows time is running out for both of them.  Can he stop the terrorists’ plans and keep Ashton from being killed? Or will he have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save them all?    

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Select Reviews of Time Will Tell

“This is a fast, entertaining read that asks questions about choosing between career and family. I readily recommend Time Will Tell to action readers.”
—Jennie Hansen, Meridian Magazine

“Nobody writes romantic intrigue better than Julie Bellon. She has a gift for creating irresistible characters and taking them to the ends of the earth in a series of plot twists that leave her readers breathless. Her writing is so electric you can almost feel the zing!”
—Kerry Blair, author of the Nightshade series

“…intriguing book with lots of page turners and hard to put down. Very exciting and highly recommended.”